We are a British technology company, dedicated to solving the challenges of building virtual worlds

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Improbable’s vision: to reimagine how people play, work and live

Founded in 2012, Improbable is a British technology start-up that creates and enables virtual worlds. Our vision is to bring about rich, interactive environments that will transform economies and industries, to make people happier, safer and more connected. These can take the form of multiplayer games or synthetic environments that simulate the real world, helping governments model, plan and train.

As a pioneer in envisioning the possibilities for positive social and economic change through multiplayer and multiuser connectivity, creativity and collaboration, we’re building an ecosystem of technologies and partners to realise our vision. Improbable’s unique technology enables thousands to assemble in a single virtual game environment or simulate real-world challenges at scale. The critical infrastructure we create will power the coming age of virtual worlds.

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Improbable’s pledge: to remove barriers in the creation of virtual worlds

Improbable products and solutions support the cutting-edge games and simulations of today and lay the foundations for worlds — simulated and real — of tomorrow. We provide the unique infrastructure required to run these worlds, along with expertise from a team that, combined, has thousands of years of experience. This increases the chance of success for our customers. And it enables them to take advantage of this new industry and build simulated environments powerful enough to solve our most important problems.

Through Improbable solving big, tough, universal technology challenges — and offering solutions that are faster, cheaper and deeper — we help developers break through technical, economic and creative barriers. Improbable products operate at massive scale and connect to the tools and applications that are important to our customers, letting them focus on what they do best: building virtual worlds to shape our future.

Improbable milestones


Cambridge Computer Science students Herman Narula (CEO) and Rob Whitehead (Founding CTO) found Improbable, with an ambition to make diverse, forward-thinking, cutting-edge virtual worlds.


In March, Improbable closes a $20 million Series A funding round from Andreessen Horowitz, with further investment in July by Horizons Ventures and Temasek.


Improbable closes a $502 million Series B funding round led by SoftBank, with Horizons Ventures and Andreessen Horowitz making follow-on investments in the round.


To further expand its expertise in creating and supporting high-quality games, Improbable acquires game studio Midwinter Entertainment and co-development studio The Multiplayer Guys. The following year, server hosting and orchestration company zeuz joins Improbable.


Improbable’s defence business announces contracts to supply its synthetic environment platform as a single synthetic environment technology demonstrator to the British Army and UK Strategic Command.


Midwinter Entertainment’s multiplayer title Scavengers enters Early Access. ScavLab, an experimental game mode within Scavengers, sees 4000+ people experience a shared simultaneous game world.

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