We are a British metaverse technology company pioneering new ways to connect, play, create and build value across interconnected virtual worlds.

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Enabling the metaverse revolution

For close to a decade, Improbable has relentlessly pushed the boundaries of virtual world infrastructure, developing a deep understanding of the games and entertainment ecosystems and the market drivers behind them. We’ve brought together a world-class team to fulfil our vision of creating deeply immersive interactive experiences.

We have a proven track record of solving density and presence issues, thereby creating great experiences within games and live events. Our Morpheus technology enables enhanced social interaction and sense of presence inside virtual spaces, where over 30,000 real users can interact in high-fidelity, lag-free environments, at the same time and in the same place. Morpheus is also central to M² (MSquared), a network of metaverses initiated by Improbable to build interconnected virtual worlds and experiences that empower and amplify people’s lives.

The technology was demonstrated in a series of large-scale events, including a metaverse fan event with K-pop star AleXa, where fans freely explored the huge virtual arena, danced with the crowd and interacted with the performer.

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Improbable milestones

2012: Improbable founded

Cambridge Computer Science students Herman Narula (CEO) and Rob Whitehead (founding CTO) found Improbable, with an ambition to make diverse, forward-thinking, cutting-edge virtual worlds.

2015–2017: Financing phase

In 2015, Improbable receives a $20m Series A investment from Andreessen Horowitz; other Series A investors include Horizons Ventures and Temasek. In 2017, Improbable receives $502m Series B funding, led by SoftBank, with follow-on investments from Horizons Ventures and Andreessen Horowitz.

2018–2020: Operational expansion

To amplify its expertise in creating and supporting high-quality games, Improbable acquires game studio Midwinter Entertainment, co-dev studio The Multiplayer Guys (now The Multiplayer Group) and server hosting and orchestration company zeuz. Meanwhile, the Defence business locks in contracts to supply its synthetic environment platform as a single synthetic environment technology demonstrator to the British Army and UK Strategic Command.

2021: Breakthroughs

Based on multiplayer title Scavengers, experimental game mode ScavLab demonstrates Morpheus technology live, with over 4000 people in a shared simultaneous game world. In November, 1450 fans join K-pop star AleXa, freely roaming an arena in full control of their avatar, dancing in the crowd and interacting with the singer in a pioneering metaversal experience.

Now: Into the metaverse

Improbable accelerates and refocuses its business on the metaverse. Technology, content and teams focus on catering for the increased demand of partners looking to create new metaversal projects in this rapidly expanding field.

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