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The cost of creativity: balancing innovation with commercial success

10 November 2020

We talk with multiplayer game veterans Keith Warner, Aaryn Flynn and Patrick Rose to discuss questions crucial to fun, successful and profitable game development.

Imagining believable game cities and urban simulations with a little help from SpatialOS

14 September 2017

Konstantinos Dimopoulos argues that huge, complex and persistent simulations mean that truly-immersive urban environments are just around the corner.

SpatialOS version 11.1.0 is available now

22 August 2017

Improbable is pleased to announce the release of SpatialOS version 11.1.0. This is available now for immediate use with Unity and Unreal.

Quest- an iOS io game from Improbable

14 August 2017

In this post we explore Quest which is not just a SpatialOS-powered Unity game that runs on mobile, but it is also an “io game”

Wizards and Pirates- a tale of two tutorials

3 August 2017

Introducing Wizards and Pirates - two tutorials for getting started with SpatialOS as quickly and intuitively as possible.

Why work as a designer at Improbable?

24 July 2017

Nicolas Holzapfel is a designer who also heads up Improbable’s Design team and he's a fan of interactive narrative games.

Why work in Product Management at Improbable?

14 July 2017

Rebecca Fallon is a Product Manager at Improbable. Previously she has been an academic, writer and anthropologist.

SpatialOS 11.0.0 released

6 July 2017

The latest version of SpatialOS is available now. Version 11 brings improvements, particularly to the way workers interact with the SpatialOS runtime.

On the new worlds in Worlds Adrift

30 June 2017

Improbable CEO Herman Narula talking about Worlds Adrift, sharding, and the future roadmap for SpatialOS and Bossa.

Why work in Customer Software Engineering at Improbable?

29 June 2017

Chong-U Lim received his PhD from MIT and worked for Playfish, EA and Kuju before joining Improbable as a Customer Engineer.

Building an RTS in two weeks, the SpatialOS way

22 June 2017

We gave a band of newly-recruited engineers just two weeks to build an RTS in Unity and SpatialOS. How did they do?