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The cost of creativity: balancing innovation with commercial success

10 November 2020

We talk with multiplayer game veterans Keith Warner, Aaryn Flynn and Patrick Rose to discuss questions crucial to fun, successful and profitable game development.

What we found when we simulated the backbone of the entire Internet on SpatialOS

24 March 2016

Exploring how SpatialOS can be used to build a realistic simulation of the internet in order to identify weak spots, and figure out how to protect it.

Disrupting cities through technology: a new event with Wilton Park

17 March 2016

The challenges of the cities of the future.

Is the OASIS just Science Fiction?

17 March 2016

Could SpatialOS enable the OASIS from the novel Ready Player One, not only as a simulation of a realistic, living world, but as a playground where any user’s dreams can come to life?

Improbable at GDC 2016

10 March 2016

Join our people at GDC 2016!

Automatic Race Condition Detector

4 March 2016

Making distributed systems is hard. At Improbable, we like it when our system works, and it makes us sad when it breaks.

Rebel Horizons by Entrada Interactive

2 March 2016

Travel to exotic and undiscovered worlds throughout the galaxy.

Building MMOs without Boundaries

18 February 2016

Worlds Adrift: five developers building the most improbable MMO sandbox adventure.

Operational control of autonomous vehicle fleets powered by SpatialOS

12 February 2016

Exploring the creation of a large-scale, real-time digital replica of a city on SpatialOS, in order to maximise the efficiency of a fleet of autonomous vehicles.

Dynamically distributing a simulation over hundreds of physics engines

22 January 2016

A simulation of just over 1 million entities distributed dynamically over 40 – 50 separate physics engines, represented by the different colours on SpatialOS.

Partnering with Andreessen Horowitz

24 March 2015

Today, we are excited to announce our investment from, and partnership with, Andreessen Horowitz.