Welcoming Chris Enock to Improbable as Head of Publishing


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We’re delighted to welcome Chris Enock to the Improbable family. Chris has joined Improbable as Head of Publishing, and will be responsible for ensuring that the games made by Improbable’s internal studios reach their audience: gamers looking for exciting and engaging online multiplayer experiences.

Chris comes to Improbable from Riot Games, which he joined in 2009, after leaving Activision Blizzard, as one of Riot’s first 50 hires. As Marketing Director, Co-Lead for League of Legends and most recently Vice President of Publishing, he led the global publishing team that launched League of Legends and grew it to be the world’s most played PC title, with more than 100 million players in 2019, as well as one of the most successful esports and most-streamed games in the world.

Chris also helped to build and lead publishing teams for Legends of Runeterra and Valorant, Riot Games’ latest online multiplayer game. Valorant’s launch in 2020 was the biggest in terms of player numbers and revenue for any free-to-play multiplayer PC title, and currently holds the second place for the most concurrent viewers on Twitch - behind only League of Legends’ 2019 World Final.

Chris holds an MBA in Marketing and Strategy from Northwestern University in Chicago, where he co-founded the Video Games Interest Group and holds a BA in Computer Science from Carleton College.

Building Improbable’s Games

Improbable talked about our plans to build internal studios and deliver our own games in March 2019. Since then, we’ve built studios in the UK and Canada, and acquired Midwinter Entertainment in Seattle, and have three games in development. The first of these, Scavengers from Midwinter Entertainment, is already running public playtests.

Through leveraging Improbable’s technology, services and engineering expertise, these games are able to create incredible worlds with nimble teams focused on innovating and iterating play experiences instead of rebuilding online services and technology.

They also provide invaluable feedback on how that technology and those services can be developed to meet the needs of developers making their own games across the world.

These studios are staffed industry veterans with extensive experience of making and delivering games from the Mass Effect series, the Halo franchise, Fortnite and many other hugely successful games.

Our studio leadership - Aaryn Flynn (former General Manager of BioWare) in Edmonton, Josh Holmes (former Studio Head of 343 Industries) in Seattle and John Wasilczyk (former Executive Producer at EA DICE and Epic Games) in London - brings a wealth of experience of making commercially successful video games to our internal studio projects.

As we move towards releasing our first games, Chris adds more than a decade of unique experience in taking to market some of the most successful online games in the world to our team.

Welcome, Chris - it’s great to have you at Improbable!

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