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The cost of creativity: balancing innovation with commercial success

10 November 2020

We talk with multiplayer game veterans Keith Warner, Aaryn Flynn and Patrick Rose to discuss questions crucial to fun, successful and profitable game development.

Everything you need to know: Scavengers by Midwinter Entertainment

21 March 2018

Improbable and Midwinter Entertainment are working closely on 'Scavengers', a SpatialOS-powered MMO from the Creative Director of Halo 5.

Avalon by Lil Sumn Games

31 October 2017

A 2D multiplayer world of unparalleled sophistication and geopolitical ambition.

Worlds Adrift by Bossa Studios

19 May 2017

An emergent sandbox MMO of unprecedented scale and persistence.

Geekzonia by Eventual and Soluis

10 May 2017

Enter a SpatialOS-powered “virtual reality Comic Con for every kind of Geek

Shattered Lives by toxicbrain

3 April 2017

The team at toxicbrain is working on a post-alien invasion, survival FPS in Unity Engine with SpatialOS.

Seed by Klang Games

28 February 2017

Grow the emotional and physical lives of unique, always-online characters on a planet of totally player-run communities.

Vanishing Stars by NINPO

28 February 2017

Ninpo’s unusual title is a brave amalgam of tower defence, MMOG and galaxy exploration, with battles fought planet by planet.

Lazarus by Spilt Milk Studios

28 October 2016

Spilt Milk announce their new SpatialOS MMO at EGX!

MetaWorld by HelloVR

20 July 2016

Build, explore and create memories together in a 10,000 square mile massively scaled open world.

Forsaken Legends by Holy Fire Games

11 May 2016

Battle monsters that level up, mate, hunt, wander, and are truly alive within the world.