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Following on from our San Francisco office opening, Improbable and the developers and partners working with SpatialOS are coming to SoMa for the Game Developers Conference.

This year Improbable and the SpatialOS team will be exhibiting at GDC 2017 (27 Feb - 3 March) at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, California. We’ll be on the show floor in the South Hall (booth 1738) and talking at the conference, with some great titles to demonstrate and some very exciting guest speakers - including Rob Pardo, Lead Designer of World of Warcraft and now at Bonfire Studios, and CCP’s Hilmar Veigar Pétursson.

Last year we gave a speech at GDC on the possibilities of recreating an experience like the OASIS, the immersive online world from Ernest Cline’s Ready Player One, using today’s technology - you can read our thoughts on our blog. One year on, we have a SpatialOS Games Open Alpha, a strategic partnership with Google and some exciting news to talk about.

Find out more, on our GDC page.

We’ll also be updating developers on our SpatialOS Games Innovation Program with Google. The credit system from this program will enable games studios to build, deploy and test games on SpatialOS up to the point of commercial release with significantly reduced, and in many cases completely eliminated, SpatialOS usage costs, including cloud computing fees. We hope this promotes experimentation, much earlier user testing, iteration of games, and an explosion of new ideas - these credits are intended for indie teams, new studios and small, innovative core teams in established larger studios.

Join us in person or keep an eye out for our GDC coverage and announcements from the event.

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Throughout GDC, at our booth, our talks and our events, we’ll be showing off the latest and greatest SpatialOS projects that are currently being made on the platform as part of the Open Games alpha - including Worlds Adrift, Lazarus and some new announcements. And one of those might be your project!

Yes, we’re always looking for new development partners. So if you think that your project should be included in our GDC presence then you should email us at We want to hear from you!

Visit our booth and join our platform

The Improbable booth will be located in the South Hall - booth 1738. There is a downloadable map to help you find us.

Bring your project ideas with you, sign up for the free Open Alpha for game developers and meet our technical experts on our booth, who will be happy to talk to you about building your vision on SpatialOS, and take you through live coding.

Gamers and developers new to the platform will also be able to watch demonstrations and play games deployed on SpatialOS for themselves, and talk to our developers about the benefits of working on SpatialOS.

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Throughout GDC, Improbable, our SpatialOS developer partners and industry greats with a passionate interest in the future of gaming will be taking to the stage. They’ll be talking about a variety of technical and theoretical topics surrounding the core concepts and innovative ideas that make SpatialOS possible.

We have the following talks confirmed as part of GDC. Please follow the links to see more details on the event website:

Thursday 2nd March, 10:00 am (PST) - Building Worlds with SpatialOS: Developers Discuss Next-Generation Online Gaming

Thursday 2nd March, 04:00 pm (PST)- Ready Player Everyone: Worlds, World-Building and the Future of Online Games

For more information about our events, see the GDC page.

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Party with us

You're invited!

We’ll also be hosting and co-hosting a variety of evening events throughout the GDC week.  More information is available on our GDC page.

Follow our GDC coverage

The best ways to keep up with announcements that we will be making at the event will be to follow Improbable on Twitter and Facebook. Keep an eye on the SpatialOS community feed, as well as the Improbable company blog for additional news. And you can chat about GDC in the dedicated community forum thread.

Or see you there!

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