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As we said when we announced our strategic partnership with Tencent Cloud last year, we highlighted the amazing but challenging opportunity presented by the market in China. Since then we have all been dealing with the unexpected challenges caused by the outbreak of the novel coronavirus. We have been very glad to return - with care and caution - to our offices in China, and our thoughts are with our colleagues and friends across the world as they deal with the ongoing situation.

We have seen the important role multiplayer games can play - in bringing people together, and helping them to relax and enjoy time with their friends and loved ones even when they are far away. Our goal in China - to help game developers to innovate in games by reducing the technical barriers and risks to creating, hosting and operating games across the world - is perhaps more important than ever.

With this in mind, we are delighted to announce the launch of SpatialOS - previously available to our partners in China - to all qualifying Chinese developers. In China, SpatialOS is known as 思礴 (pronounced “Sī Bó”). The characters suggest the creativity and thought that goes into game development, and the scale and significance of virtual worlds. We’re excited to share our ideas and technology with some of the most creative and innovative developers in the world.

The next stage of our partnership with Tencent Cloud

The launch of SpatialOS for developers in China enables the next stage of our partnership with Tencent Cloud. Developers in China will now be able to join the full, global launch of the Improbable - Tencent Cloud Developer Program. Combining Tencent Cloud credits and technical support from Improbable, the Program will support games being developed and operated using SpatialOS and Tencent Cloud.

Eligible game developers all over the world can now visit the official website of the Program for more details and to apply.

This is a major step for Improbable in Asia, and in the strategic market of China. The launch of SpatialOS for general development in China is a major step, taken with the help of Tencent Cloud, and we look forward to growing along with the Chinese games industry. With SpatialOS - or 思礴 - we can provide Chinese game developers with state-of-the-art technologies and services, which will help them to make great games, and with Improbable and Tencent Cloud working together we can support overseas exploration and global expansion for China-based game developers.

If you’re interested in using SpatialOS in China, our Chinese-language site can be found at Qualifying developers will be given access to our free tier of SpatialOS, to experiment without costs. If you have any questions, please contact:

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