Join the first Lazarus live stream: 28 February, 2017


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Spilt Milk Studios is the creator of Lazarus, a top-down, multiplayer, arcade shooter set in a persistent sci-fi universe that resets every week. The game is powered by SpatialOS.

It’s been a swift start to 2017 for the Lazarus team with new updates to the game and plenty of stress-testing. This week, the team at Spilt Milk Studios announced The First Stand - the debut live stream of Lazarus on their Twitch channel, taking place on Saturday 28th February between 10:00 am and 12:00 pm PST (18:00 and 20:00 UK time). Check out the trailer:

This is a great chance to see a SpatialOS game in action, be a part of a key event in its history, and even bag an exclusive ship skin for your time.

If you don’t have Lazarus yet, you can get the game for free by heading to and registering for a free Steam code.

Find out more about Lazarus by visiting the Featured Games page or by checking out the Spilt Milk Studios Developer Diaries series - episode one, episode two, episode three and episode four.

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