Microsoft and Improbable announce global partnership for the defence and national security sector


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Enterprise cloud leader and synthetic environment company collaborate to accelerate delivery of next-generation capabilities

  • Next-generation simulations enabled by Improbable’s synthetic environment platform are now available on Azure on-premises, cloud and cloud-to-edge services.
  • The combination will transform defence capabilities across operational planning, policy design, collective training, national resilience and defence experimentation.
  • Improbable and Microsoft will combine their partner ecosystems to ensure best-in-breed capabilities are fuelling the synthetic environment solutions of the future.

London, UK - Improbable, the synthetic environment technology company, today announces a partnership with Microsoft’s Defence and Intelligence business to support governments in improving their national security outcomes. The partnership will transform the ability of governments and their solution providers to deliver multi-domain synthetic environments for defence and national security.

Platform enabled, cloud-based synthetic environments are a powerful capability for multi-domain integration, faster decision cycles, and improved readiness by enabling organisations to research, plan and train in realistic virtual worlds before taking action in the real world.

The combination of Improbable’s synthetic environment platform and supporting professional services, Microsoft’s cloud-to-edge services and developer technologies, and their pooled partner ecosystems will make it faster and easier to develop, validate, deploy, and adapt synthetic environment solutions that are capable of addressing the scale and complexity of today's defence and security challenges.

Government agencies, system integrators and defence contractors can now develop and deploy better capabilities faster, leveraging the same proven platform and resources Improbable uses to deliver capability for defence customers. The platform approach will strengthen the defence supply chain and unlock greater collaboration between allies and partners.

Synthetic environments, delivered securely through cloud-to-edge hosting

Together Microsoft and Improbable enable the flexible and efficient creation of a host of different synthetic environment solutions, each fuelled by richly detailed simulations of the real world.

These multi-domain ‘virtual worlds’, deployed securely using Azure’s familiar and trusted cloud and tech stack, enhance customers’ mission-focused capabilities across a wide range of use cases from training, planning and decision support through to force development, experimentation and infrastructure resilience.

By taking advantage of a platform approach with supporting services, governments and solution providers can benefit from greater collaboration, reusability and innovation across their enterprise-wide synthetic programmes. This ensures increasing organisational integration - of people, processes and capability - by design and on an enduring basis.

Enabling an evergreen ecosystem of partners and content

Partner companies and institutions that use Microsoft Azure will now be able to offer their products through Improbable’s platform, including content, such as models, datasets, and AI applications. This enhances innovation in the development of synthetic environment solutions by making it easier for defence and national security customers to access the best capabilities and content from across industry, government and academia.

Both companies are committed to encouraging the integration of their partner ecosystems, and ensuring that those ecosystems deliver to customers a technological edge alongside value for money.

The key to mastering multi-domain integration

To successfully respond to modern threats, defence and national security functions need to rapidly make sense of new and complex situations across multiple domains in order to deliver fast and integrated responses. The ability to achieve this multi-domain integration across training, planning and decision support is now available to even more organisations thanks to the Improbable-Microsoft partnership.

Improbable’s platform makes genuine multi-domain integration a reality for the first time, powering synthetic environments that combine and integrate land, sea, air, space, cyber and information effects in seamless, richly detailed simulations, accessible to thousands of simultaneous users across multiple departments. Organisations facing multi-domain threats are already using Improbable’s technology to speed up and improve decision making.

Microsoft has a consistent record in supporting Government customers as they embrace digital transformation throughout their military and intelligence operations, through Azure’s sophisticated capabilities and secure on-premises, cloud and cloud-to-edge services.

The partnership will make it faster and easier to develop, maintain and adapt multi-domain synthetic environments.

Comments from the partners

“To truly seize the opportunity of synthetic environments, we need to provide an integrated, platform-based approach,” said Joe Robinson, CEO of Improbable’s defence business. “This ensures that all our customers’ synthetic applications are supported by a reusable and evolving ecosystem of partner content - usable across the enterprise as a constant, ‘evergreen’ tool, or deployed to meet specific challenges and service requirements.”

“For the departments and friendly nations defending national and global security to benefit from this platform and ecosystem, we need to ensure it can be easily deployed and made available from the cloud through to edge devices. This is critical to enable the fast and efficient integration of powerful capabilities to support their fluid operating environment and diverse requirements. There is no better partner than Microsoft Azure to ensure that is the case.”

“We are proud to announce that Improbable’s synthetic environment platform is now available on the Microsoft Azure cloud and Azure Stack offering,” said Gus MacGregor-Millar, General Manager, Microsoft Defence & Intelligence.

“We’re excited to combine our complementary strengths, and to offer our Defence and Intelligence customers the transformative potential of synthetic environments powered by secure, reliable cloud compute. Improbable’s technology enhances security and resilience for defence customers, drives wider innovation in national security and fosters a growing partner ecosystem across the UK and its allies. That aligns closely with our own mission, and we are delighted to be working on this joint endeavour.”

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About Improbable

Founded in 2012 and headquartered in London, Improbable employs more than 800 staff, with the majority based in the United Kingdom.

Improbable’s defence business, based primarily in London and Washington DC, builds on the foundation of Improbable’s innovative technology for games and digital entertainment, combined with specific expertise in computational modelling, AI, data analytics and other skills and knowledge relevant to defence and national security applications.

Improbable's synthetic environment platform is a powerful, flexible and secure simulation platform, tailored to the needs of the defence community and able to support the most sophisticated military simulations and synthetic environments ever experienced.

Improbable works across the NATO alliance and with a range of industry partners to transform planning, training and decision support in the government, defence and security communities.

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