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The cost of creativity: balancing innovation with commercial success

10 November 2020

We talk with multiplayer game veterans Keith Warner, Aaryn Flynn and Patrick Rose to discuss questions crucial to fun, successful and profitable game development.

A Day in an Improbable Life: Cristian Bodnar, Runtime Engineering Intern

30 October 2018

Cristian Bodnar is a University of Manchester Computer Science graduate, and here he walks us through his day as a Software Engineering intern at Improbable.

A Day in an Improbable Life: Tom Bower, Software Engineering Intern

30 October 2018

A day in an Improbable life: Tom Bower talks about the first four months of his six-month placement as a Software Engineering Intern

Why work in production at Improbable?

23 July 2018

Zara Yaqoob was previously a Business Associate at Google and has worked as an Advocate for women in tech and entrepreneurship.

Why work as a designer at Improbable?

24 July 2017

Nicolas Holzapfel is a designer who also heads up Improbable’s Design team and he's a fan of interactive narrative games.

Why work in Product Management at Improbable?

14 July 2017

Rebecca Fallon is a Product Manager at Improbable. Previously she has been an academic, writer and anthropologist.

Why work in Customer Software Engineering at Improbable?

29 June 2017

Chong-U Lim received his PhD from MIT and worked for Playfish, EA and Kuju before joining Improbable as a Customer Engineer.