The SpatialOS Game Jam 2017: Winners Announcement

14 February 2017

Yesterday, Media Molecule’s Rex Crowle (Lead Creator on the wonderful Tearaway) came to Improbable HQ to guest judge our game jam. He and a panel of SpatialOS experts had a great time playing all of the submissions. The standard of entry was wonderful with some real creativity and innovation on display across the board (and the ocean).

Without further ado, here are the all the prize winners of the first SpatialOS game jam. Our community team will be in touch with the winners soon to arrange the delivery of prizes. Well done everyone!

Main Prize Winner

Category: Showing Promise

Winner: “Impossible to Survive” by Team Peter

Impossible to Survive

Unbelievably as it might seem, Impossible to Survive is a one-man project, created by Peter (Cascaid on the forums). It’s part survival game and part isometric RPG, with a 100% SpatialOS pedigree - well done!

Check out more info in the submission thread.

Guest judge’s comments: "It's the game we explored and enjoyed for longest"


Other winners

Category: Strongest take on the theme - “aim for the impossible”

Winner: Unforeseen Landing by Team Sick Bay (Thomas Meinl, Felix Stubner, Christian Zentgraf, Florian Bittner, Luke Wilson)

Unforeseen landing

A great submission, which the team has kindly made open source. It’s an exploration game, where settlement bots have crash-landed on an unknown planet and includes special guest appearances from our very own Callum Brighting and Herman Narula...

Check out more info in the submission thread.

Guest judge’s comments: “It really is impossible to find anyone!”


Category: Most fun/Popular vote

Winner: "Space Jam - VR Tennis" by Team RobJob (Rob Whitehead, Jonas Hou, Martijn Gerkes, Victoria Goldsmith)

Space Jam - VR Tennis

Utilising a HTC Vive + SteamVr combo, this fun VR tennis game’s appeal is obvious to any gamer. Players can spawn balls from their hands and use the paddle attached to their right hand to bat them about, attempting to paint as much of the arena in their colours as possible.

Check out more info in the submission thread.

Guest judge’s comments: The “thumbstick movement was a bit ‘vomity’ but in general it was a smooth and fun experience!”

Category: Best art

Winner: "Stairway to Heaven" by Team M&M (@draconigra (Mike van Riel), @judah4 (Judah Perez), @andrew (Andrew Lee), @brendan.fosberry (Bredan Fosberry) & @morrison (Morrison Cole)

An international, ocean-spanning effort with some lovely visuals and a simple hook. Players must steal blocks from other player’s towers to build their own. The team plans to open the source and keep playing the game post-jam.

Check out more info in the submission thread.

We hope to bring you more awesome community events like this in the future. In the meantime, you can check out a gallery of images from the event, on the Improbable Facebook page. Congratulations to all who entered and who made this event so much fun to run.

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