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Rebel Horizons screenshot

Entrada Interactive’s Rebel Horizons is an open universe science fiction combat game currently in development on SpatialOS in the Unreal Engine. Entrada previously worked on the CryEngine-powered survival game Miscreated. Their new trailer illustrates the player’s use of a quantum gate to travel between worlds.

Each planet in the Rebel Horizons universe will have its own economy and ecosystem that is completely persistent. Players will be able to quickly travel among the various planets using quantum gates found in most cities. Thanks to the persistent nature of SpatialOS, a player will be able to drop an item on one planet and return weeks later to find it in the exact spot they left it. This, of course, assumes someone else hasn’t found it first, and you remember how to program the quantum gate to get back to that particular planet...

Entrada has previously said, “We wanted to build a game universe that would be large enough to encompass numerous unique worlds, and allow thousands of concurrent players and millions of entities all working together to create a game of unprecedented scale. What we needed was a radical new technology that didn’t follow traditional methods, but rather, redesigned the way game data is processed and synchronized.”

“After having discussions with several leading technology companies we found the incredible technology that UK-based Improbable have been creating. Upon seeing what was possible using their SpatialOS technology we knew it would be the best choice to bring the universe of Rebel Horizons to life.”

“SpatialOS solves many of the basic issues found in large online games today. Issues such as having to run multiple copies of the game on many independent servers, small amounts of players on each server, and non-persistent game worlds with limited interactability. Now, those are no longer issues. SpatialOS runs the entire universe in a cluster of interconnected servers with automatic fault tolerance and the entire game universe is truly persistent – exactly what we need for Rebel Horizons.”

You can start developing right now with SpatialOS and Unreal Engine 4 because we recently launched our experimental integration with the engine.

Want to know more about Unreal? Find out the story of our technical demo of our integration, codenamed DUSK.

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