Worlds Adrift enters closed beta and announces Founder’s Packs

25 May 2017

Update – we have announced a new Unity game developer kit (GDK) that is an improved version of our SDK. Find out more here.

Bossa Studios has announced that the SpatialOS-powered MMO Worlds Adrift is now in a closed beta phase. Gamers will explore a huge, seamless world of floating islands and homemade airships. The game is ready to welcome players into its skies via a series of Founder’s Packs available via the Steam Store.

“We'll offer the Founder’s Packs in batches throughout the Closed Beta period, always keeping an eye on how the game is behaving, until such time we're ready to open the doors to the entire community in the certainty that everyone will have a seamless experience with Worlds Adrift,” said Henrique Olifiers, Co-Founder of Bossa Studios, in a press release.

“The history of multiplayer launches is bleached with the bones of games crumbling under the weight of their communities trying to log in all at once on day one, and having a terrible experience with unavailable servers for weeks afterwards. We want to take a different road instead, ensuring that every player of Worlds Adrift has the best possible first contact with the game.”

As well as access to Worlds Adrift via a game key, each Founder’s Pack comes with several exclusive in-game items, a digital copy of the game’s soundtrack, access to a future test server and in-game currency. For more information, see the game’s website:

A new world for SpatialOS

The launch of the closed beta is a landmark for both Bossa Studios and for Improbable's SpatialOS platform. Bossa Studios took the stage with us at Slush in Helsinki when we announced SpatialOS for the first time, and working on Worlds Adrift together has been a true partnership. We’ve learned a huge amount from Bossa and our other early-stage partners, and game developers using SpatialOS in the future will benefit from our experience of supporting the creation of Worlds Adrift.

Games are at the heart of our company's vision. So the chance to see thousands of players interacting, exploring and adventuring in a world built on SpatialOS, and experiencing the unprecedented complexity, scale and fidelity made possible by our platform, is simultaneously exciting and humbling.

This unique vision for building and running an MMO is nicely captured in the new video that Bossa made for the release, which can be viewed in full below:

We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Bossa Studios and join them in welcoming new players into a new kind of emergent, immersive multiplayer experience.

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You can read more about Worlds Adrift and the history of its development on SpatialOS on our Featured Games page.