Apply your technical skills to the world’s toughest security challenges

Join our defence and national security business and you’ll be helping users plan and train to meet the most complex security threats in the world. Working alongside experts in AI and Machine Learning, computational modelling and distributed systems, you’ll be putting multiplayer technology to life-saving use.

Model the world around you

Improbable’s Synthetic Environment Platform helps government customers build virtual worlds that help them address complex issues ranging from COVID-19 to hybrid warfare.

As researchers, applied scientists and modelling specialists, we work on the ecosystem of models that support these worlds. We develop conceptual models focused on the study and representation of socio-technical systems and human behaviour, and work with engineers to integrate them into the platform.

“Projects progress quickly. Requirements change all the time. We need minds that can move fast but also turn on a dime.” Dave Culley, Product Manager

Creating faster, more interactive modelling

Improbable has been lending its expertise to the Royal Society’s Rapid Assistance in Modelling the Pandemic (RAMP) initiative, which brings together interdisciplinary modelling expertise to support the work of the UK Government’s scientific advisory groups. Discover how our research scientists helped to increase the speed of models representing COVID-19 spread by a factor of 10,000.

More about RAMP

Define new challenges, engineer new technologies

The team that works on the core Synthetic Environment Platform is surprisingly small. We’re almost a start-up within a start-up, comprising modelling experts, software engineers and system admins. We’re responsible for scaling and tooling, and for overseeing the environments’ deployment, security and operations.

Some of the distributed-systems problems we address are so new that they’re almost as hard to define as they are to solve. Others are those that engineers the world over grapple with every day. All of them need solving – fast.

“It’s a greenfield development. So while we need people with vision and a sense of adventure, they also need to be pragmatic. They must be willing to get their hands dirty. In fact, they’ve got to relish the chance.” Ronen Elman, Senior Software Engineering Manager

Turn murky issues into clear UX

As solution delivery engineers, product designers and UX specialists, we help governments and militaries explore the problems they face and figure out how best to solve them. That means devising user experiences that enable people to understand and interact with some of the most complex security challenges on the planet.

We’re looking for front-end, back-end and full-stack engineers to join a fast-growing team that brings high-performance web experts together with integration and deployment specialists.

“As well as knowing your React from your Redux, you’ll need to be versatile, highly imaginative and deeply curious about the world around you.” James Bown, Engineering Manager

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