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Our engineers are changing how online games are made, operated and played. Join them, and be part of a team with credits on some of the biggest game titles, with diverse backgrounds ranging from art to aerospace. You'll address the toughest engineering challenges. You’ll co-develop with world-class studios, and build games that challenge the limits of the possible. And along the way, you’ll have the opportunity to redefine those boundaries.

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Pioneer next-level networking

Improbable was founded on a promise to enable bigger, richer, profoundly engaging worlds, and to make multiplayer development faster and more economical.

For more than eight years, the engineers responsible for the SpatialOS networking engine have been working to help developers build and operate computationally demanding and increasingly extraordinary games like Scavengers.

You’ll find the work unlike anything you’ll encounter elsewhere. We do a lot of low-level networking and crafting custom net code – you’ll dig deep under the hood of game engines such as UE4 and Unity – and confront broader problems around issues like distributed system concurrency that nobody’s been able to solve. Yet.

“We always have a plan – but we’re always open to changing it. So you may be as close to the metal as it’s possible to get or working on the tools that developers use every day – but either way you’ll need drive, creativity, and an appetite for adaptation.” Tyran Elgar, Senior Engineering Manager, Improbable

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Bring the best games to the biggest audiences

Multiplayer development has always been a slow, complex and expensive business. It’s our mission to change that and help studios focus their time, money and talent on doing what they do best.

Our hosting and operations engineers handle everything from cost forecasting and integrating games with our hybrid cloud platform to developing tooling and scale-testing capabilities. So we don’t just supply technology – we live and breathe multiplayer, working closely with studios to make sure their titles have the maximum chance of success with minimum risk.

“We’re in this business to help get the best titles in front of the biggest audiences. So for us, this is as much about the fun of multiplayer and seeing games succeed as it is about working alongside some of the best engineers in the industry to solve new technical challenges.” Yan Collendavelloo, Senior Engineering Manager

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Work alongside world-class studios

It’s not pure enterprise engineering, but it’s not entirely game development either. We call it Partner Engineering. It’s our job to help studios employ our multiplayer technologies to realise their game design ambitions – and we enable them to do it swiftly and more cost-effectively.

You’ll push back the boundaries of distributed systems engineering and also be responsible for making sure that our networking and hybrid cloud hosting solutions integrate with a wide variety of games and game engines (so there’s plenty of low-level integration work, too). Get ready to jump from project to project and game to game alongside some of the most creative minds in the business.

“You need to balance procedural rigour with a willingness to experiment. It doesn’t matter if you’re working on a AAA studio’s game code or Improbable’s own platform – nobody’s going to object when you say, ‘Just because it’s always been like that doesn’t mean it’s got to stay that way.’” Claire Thomas, Software Engineer, Improbable

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