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Improbable exists to expand the possibilities of games and virtual worlds – to push limits, aim for and achieve the impossible. It’s an ethos that unites and drives our three game studios, which are led by industry veterans behind some of the most innovative titles of the last decade.

Our studios leverage the unique potential of our multiplayer networking engine, hosting technologies and specialist engineering services. They can then build bigger, richer, more absorbing worlds. To drive and create these new experiences, we require people with skills, curiosity and drive.

“The evolution of how people consume games is expanding what it means to be a games developer. It’s not just a game any more, it really is about building an experience.” John Wasilczyk, Vice President, Improbable Games London

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Our game studios

Midwinter Entertainment

Midwinter Entertainment is led by Josh Holmes, former Creative Director and Studio Head at 343 Industries, where he delivered the acclaimed hits Halo 4 and Halo 5.

Acquired by Improbable in 2019, Midwinter Entertainment is using our networking engine and game server hosting to create Scavengers, an ambitious multiplayer PvPvE survival shooter.

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Improbable Games Canada

Improbable Games Canada is led by Aaryn Flynn, former general manager at BioWare, where he produced legendary franchises including Mass Effect, Dragon Age and Star Wars.

Although their work is under wraps right now, we can say that Aaryn’s team is using our networking engine and game server hosting expertise to build a multiplayer RPG world free from the restrictions of standard technology.

Improbable Games UK

Improbable Games UK is led by John Wasilczyk, former executive producer at EA DICE and Epic Games, whose past work includes Battlefield V, Star Wars: Battlefront II and Modern Warfare titles within the Call of Duty franchise.

The studio is using our multiplayer networking and hosting capabilities to build a game that’s focused on providing players with a wide variety of tactical mechanics and intuitive metagame depth.

Bring our games to the players

When one of our studios develops a game, we’re responsible for introducing the title to players and new audiences. Publishing connects games with players. So it’s vital that we understand the nuances of players’ relationships with games.

For every title our studios create, we orchestrate a mix of marketing operations, press relations, player communications, playtest events and customer services, as well as innovating ways to introduce our games to new audiences.

“Publishing is all about understanding the players. We speak directly to players, so we have to understand how they think about our games, and evolve our communication along with our titles.” Chris Enock, Head of Publishing

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Shape the multiplayer experience

If you thrive in fast-moving environments, relish solving problems and want to enhance how games are played, you might just love LiveOps.

When one of our internal studios launches a game, we take responsibility for improving the game experience. Through technical troubleshooting, player engagement and astute engineering, we drive better gameplay and fulfil the potential of our multiplayer products.

“We want tenacity, grit, a natural desire to craft order from chaos. Firefighters who don’t just put out the house fire – they can rebuild the house so it won’t burn down again.” Eric Matteson, VP Technology, Game Studios

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