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We work as one

But it’s in our differences that you’ll find our true strength. Different backgrounds, different skills, different perspectives and ideas. It’s these differences that allow us to go beyond what is thought possible, based on our belief that virtual worlds and multiplayer games will have a profound impact on the world. Our belief is realised through our values, because our values are how we get the best out of ourselves and one another.

Our values

Value icon Relentless Humity

Relentless humility

We don't rely on our status, especially if we have the authority to make decisions. We always assume good intent and stay true to our cause. We listen hard and stay grounded. We own our mistakes and work together to do what's needed to fix them.

Value icon Aim for the impossible

Aim for the impossible

We're determined to achieve extraordinary things and we expect to succeed. We ask 'how', not 'if', because it's only by aiming for the impossible that we'll discover and extend the limits of the possible.

Value improvement over comfort

Improvement over comfort

It's okay not to know. It's not okay not to learn. We're proactive and pragmatic, with the resilience and courage to work through problems. We’re always curious - hungry for new knowledge, new opinions and new perspectives.

Value icon action over fear

Action over fear

We learn by doing, and by delivering real-world results. We avoid unnecessary debate, and we balance building consensus with trying new things. We’re unafraid of making decisions – and we’re brave enough to reverse them.

Perks and benefits

Benefit Unlimited holiday

Unlimited vacation

You know how much time you need to get the job done and you also know better than anyone how much time off you need. So how much holiday you take is up to you.

Benefit Health care

Full private healthcare

You’ve got the peace of mind of our comprehensive health and dental cover, which you can extend to partners and dependants.

Benefit Maternity and paternity

Maternity and paternity leave

Whether you’re a primary or a secondary caregiver, you can take advantage of our generous parental leave policy.

Benefit wellbeing


Make time for yourself with our yoga and meditation sessions, which you can join remotely when you’re working from home.

Benefit Dog friendly

Dog friendly

Your four-legged friends are always welcome in our office – or on Zoom.

Benefit Pension

Pension and life cover

You can benefit from our tax-efficient group pension scheme, as well as the reassurance of life insurance cover.

Diversity at Improbable

“We recognise that to create a diverse and inclusive workforce, our focus must span wider than gender. It’s about promoting the right actions and behaviours, ensuring everyone has a voice, is respected and valued.” Herman Narula, CEO

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