Engineering Manager (Data Platform), Defence


As we continue the investment in our core product we are in the process of standing up a new team - Data Management. We are looking for an experienced Engineering Manager with a background in Data Engineering to come in to help shape the team from its early days.

The team’s remit is to build our data pipelines from scratch and (broadly speaking) manage the life cycle of data as part of our core product offering. Given one of our key value propositions is our ability to integrate content from external sources - this role is critical for us.   Up until this point in time, our data capability has been low, as our focus was on other parts of the platform we needed to mature first. Now is the right time for us to make the necessary investment in building a strong data engineering team that can make our aspirations a reality. 

This role is, literally, starting from scratch. You will have total freedom to figure out the right team structure, technologies and, working closely with our product counterparts, drive how we execute our roadmap in an efficient way. One unique thing to bear in mind is that we have no existing experience or skills in the organisation around data, so you need to be willing to educate as well as manage.

Areas for Impact

  • You will run an important part of our engineering group; the team building our entire data capabilities.
  • This role not only encompasses coaching and developing a team of top-class engineers (data, backend and frontend engineers), but also contributing to product vision, strategic direction and delivery management.
  • You will grow a team of successful engineers through collaborative development planning, coaching, and empowerment through strategic goals.
  • You will collaborate with other EMs and Principals to determine the strategic direction and long-term viability of your software architecture, both from a business and technology standpoint.
  • You will understand the business drivers, functionality requirements, architecture, and technologies behind the products and systems you own and provide context and visibility into the reasoning behind decisions whilst empowering your engineers to independently execute.
  • We expect that, as we scale, that you will scale with the business to take on additional headcount, create sub-teams and grow your remit.
While we think the above experience could be important, we’re keen to hear from people that believe they have valuable experience to bring to the role. If you identify with the team and mission, but not all of our requirements, then please still apply!

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