Lead Data Engineer, Defence


Improbable Defence is hiring it's first Lead Data engineer. Excitingly, this is a brand new team so its remit is still being determined, but may well include:
  • Storing and cataloguing data used in simulations (models, assets, configuration, etc) in a secure way.
*Versioning data, managing metadata, data classification
  • Allowing data inputs to be queried to help our users rationalise about simulation outcomes
  • Building scalable data pipelines and tools to generate new inputs and models from a variety of (often real-world) data source
  • Understanding where data originated and where it is used.

Areas for Impact

  • Help build a team including recruitment and mentoring, helping to shape the backlog in the process.
  • Lead the team to design and develop the framework and tools that enable applied scientists to build pipelines to extract, transform, synthesise and integrate data from various sources.
  • Provide tools for the automation and scheduling of data extraction from both static and live sources.
  • Help to design and build the services needed for accessing and updating the data and models for use within a synthetic environment.
  • Utilise standard data science tooling where possible to provide an intuitive experience for users with minimal onboarding time. 
  • Engineer for scalability and efficiency so that our customers can process large volumes of data in a timely way.
  • Build secure and auditable systems.
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