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Work on ground-breaking multiplayer titles, push the boundaries of games technology and virtual worlds, or get to grips with some of the world’s toughest security challenges. If your ambitions are high, we’ll give you the tools, support and culture to take them even higher.
OurQA Director isa Director position. A QA Director is an organised and methodicalleader of the development team, driven to organise the QA team into an effective reporting tool for the project. 
An organised, methodical leader.
We believe that the Metaverse experiences of today are far from what players and participants deserve. We believe we can create a better-looking virtual world filled with people, novel experiences and meaningful interactions by leveraging our AAA game development experiences. 
We plan to build this Metaverse hand in hand with the community giving them control over increasingly significant decisions in what order we build things, what content we create, what other worlds we bring into our world and what features we prioritise. 
With this approach, we are also practising “development in the open”, where we will share work-in-progress looks and plays of our experience with the community regularly before the game is fully available on demand. That means that our testing and iteration process will be key to ensuring success at every stage during this initial stage.
We have already started this journey by holding a ScavLab event with over 4,000 players crowding into a single map to battle and a Meet and Greet with K-Pop star AleXa attended by over a thousand fans who all got on stage at the same time.
As a QA Director, you will focus on driving the QA team to ensure that customers receive the best possible version of the products we intend to ship.

The impact to a project expected from a QA Director is focused on confirming and communicating the quality of the products they work on. We expect our QA Director to:

  • Define and communicate the purpose and vision for the studio QA department.
  • Establish and document the QA processes for finding and reporting on the quality of the studio’s products and releases.
  • Work with production to enforce the QA processes with the development team, e.g., no regressions, blockers a priority, etc.
  • Identify the tooling requirements to support the QA department in their daily work.
  • Identify and establish processes for working with 3rd party QA support teams.
  • Work embedded alongside the developers, designers, and artists on the team and assist in delivering features, assets, and milestones that meet quality expectations.
  • Drive team to investigate issues found and ensure they are tracked in JIRA with sufficient detail for a member of the development team to start fixing them.
  • Work with Production to identify process improvements to the quality testing that could be made.
  • Ensure the qualitative and quantitative state is understood by the leads of the project through reporting - be the ultimate knowledge base for the current state of the product.
  • Participate in interviews, induction, training and performance evaluation of all QA leads.
  • Be an escalation point for all matters related to testing and quality assurance and operate as a primary point of contact for the QA teams.

We would love to hear from you if you embody the following:

  • Proven leadership experience in the games industry
  • Highly skilled with using JIRA, Perforce, game development environments, etc...
  • Knowledgeable of testing many aspects of a game (e.g., Performance, Networking, Art Assets, Environments, Multiplayer, Economy, Progression, Certification, etc.) 
  • Can own the qualitative effort within the principles of Agile Development, GaaS, Free to Play, etc.
  • Able to drive the creation of test suites, test plans, and testing processes for a GaaS product.
  • Able to define methodologies for regularly releasing software with a goal of zero regressions.
  • Able to be the direct liaison between QA, production, and the development team.
  • Excellent in self-managing workloads and comfortable with managing multiple priorities simultaneously.
  • Excellent in identifying problems and suggesting improvements for building stability and general QA team processes.
  • Able to balance the QA budget with the help of production to create an efficient and effective team.
  • Able to motivate a team, recognize good talent and bring the best out of each individual.

The behaviour of a QA Director can be best described as: assertive leader. We expect our QA Director to be:

  • Assertive when working with the development team about our QA development process.
  • Driven to ensure the QA department is working on the highest priority work every day.
  • Ensures thorough investigation and communication of any significant issues found.
  • Driven to improve our QA processes and reporting quality.
  • Constructive feedback about testing features and happy to help investigate further if needed.
  • A calm leader who brings order to chaos and provides guidance and certainty to the QA team.
  • Provide leadership and technical expertise within Test Automation and Quality Assurance.

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