WAN Design Consultant / Network Architect, Defence


We are hiring a Wide Area Network (WAN) design SME, to join us on an initial 3 month engagement. You will be be a WAN design specialist with an appreciation of high level network routing & switching protocols to support network modelling. Our preference is to engage with you directly as a contracted Ltd company.
We are exploring how communication network digital twins can be delivered and enhanced by our synthetic environment platform technology to enable realistic and representative network data modelling and simulation. The aim is to deliver new capabilities to our Defence customers in their management of their key networks to improve the stability, security and performance of them. Currently we are building a digital twin of our Client’s network to demonstrate the value and feasibility of this approach.
You will primarily provide expertise on Network topology & traffic flow modelling, as well as supporting discussion around cyber resiliency.
This position requires existing SC clearance.

You will provide expertise in the following areas:

  • Working closely with multiple network providers to investigate, define and support our technical teams with the acquisition and processing of required datasets to enable a Digital Twin of a complete global WAN to be created.
  • Support in defining and validating assumptions on traffic flow routing within a global WAN to enable accurate modelling of network characteristics for simulation perspective. E.g. impact of router outages on traffic flow between sites.
  • Support in the Network DT solution roadmap definition including solution features and their desirability, viability and feasibility.
  • Support technical discussions with our Client, Partners and Network Service Providers
  • Support discussions and workshops on discovery work for inclusion of Cyber resiliency concepts, e.g. integration with Cyber Ranges

Required experience:

  • You have an established track record in WAN (Wide Area Network Design) [ESSENTIAL]
  • You understand high level network routing & switching protocols to support network modelling [ESSENTIAL]
  • Cyber resilience planning [DESIRED]

Preferred Knowledge Areas (Not Essential):

  • IPv4 & IPv6 L3 routing in service provider networks
  • Service Provider network topologies
  • Common IGP and EGP routing protocols (eg OSPF, ISIS, BGP)
  • QoS policy application within core and edge networks
  • MPLS for WAN routing in service provider networks
  • Tunnelling technologies such as IPSec Tunnelling / L2TP / DTLS VPNs
  • Common L2 technologies (such as Ethernet, SONET, ATM) as well as the associated switching, bridging and redundancy technologies (such as 802.1Q, 802.1ah, xSTP etc)
  • “Last Mile” network design and technologies (xSDL, cable, cell)
  • Ethernet OAM technologies (such as CFM & Link OAM)
  • Discovery protocols (such as LLDP / CDP)
  • Data Center network design
  • Segment Routing and SDN

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