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Meaningful. Measurable. Practical.

We’re determined to foster an environment where people can do their best work and feel like they belong. Our success relies on it. That means getting the culture right, sticking to our values, and bringing in as diverse a range of people, perspectives and opinions as possible.

Which means we’ve got work to do.

We know we’re making progress. We’re making an impact on our gender pay gap, and although our gender ratio is in line with the industry average, we aspire to higher standards. As a young, fast-growing company, we have an opportunity – and a responsibility – to do a lot more.

We’re dedicating a great deal of time and thought to diversity, inclusion and belonging. Crucially, we’re also taking action. The following commitments are designed to be practical, actionable and impactful. They will, no doubt, evolve over time, but they will always mean that we can – individually and collectively – be held accountable.

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Our nine commitments

  • We will ensure we have the capacity and expertise needed to deliver against our commitments.
  • We are committed to creating a healthy environment where people are able to express how they feel and draw attention to issues without fear.
  • We are committed to attracting, hiring and retaining individuals from diverse backgrounds.
  • We are committed to ensuring our internal processes, throughout the employee life cycle, are free from bias.
  • We are committed to educating ourselves on the issues that exist so that we can impact change.
  • We will invest in training opportunities for all employees, using evidence-informed interventions.
  • We will be selecting organisations to partner with that allow us to increase our reach into diverse communities.
  • We will be supporting employees who wish to dedicate more of their time towards volunteering.
  • We are committed to exploring ways to make our games more representative, and to make them powerful tools for challenging perceptions.

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