Improbable Game Studios

Expanding the horizon of gaming

Improbable was founded to break through the limits of contemporary online gaming. Our three internal game studios unite the leaders behind some of the most innovative video games released this decade, with the technology to build the multiplayer worlds of the future.

Midwinter Entertainment

Midwinter Entertainment is led by Josh Holmes, former Creative Director and Studio Head at 343 Industries, where he was responsible for the acclaimed hits Halo 4 and Halo 5 in the genre-defining Halo series.

Acquired by Improbable in 2019, Midwinter Entertainment is creating Scavengers, a multiplayer co-opetition shooter with a mix of PvPvE and survival elements. With its out-of-the-box infrastructure for an easier launch, SpatialOS enables the team to achieve its ambitious vision without the overhead of building up major new engineering capacity.

Midwinter Entertainment

The ability to scale our world gradually over time with the potential to dramatically increase the number of active players and AI is something that’s only really possible with SpatialOS.

Josh Holmes, Midwinter Entertainment

Improbable Games Canada

Improbable Games Canada is led by Aaryn Flynn, former general manager at BioWare, where he was responsible for legendary franchises including Mass Effect, Dragon Age and Star Wars.

Our team in Edmonton is using SpatialOS’s flexible design features to build a truly open and living multiplayer RPG world; one that doesn’t have to compromise with the restrictions of standard networking technology.

Online RPGs are about giving as much freedom to players and removing as many barriers as possible, allowing people to express themselves as individuals while also coming together in a shared living world.

Aaryn Flynn, Improbable Games Canada

Improbable Games UK

Improbable Games UK is led by John Wasilczyk, former executive producer at EA DICE and Epic Games. Past work includes Battlefield V, Star Wars: Battlefront II and Modern Warfare titles within the Call of Duty franchise.

John’s team is using SpatialOS’s unprecedented capacity for faster iteration to build a multiplayer action game that's focused on providing players with a wide variety of tactical mechanics and intuitive metagame depth.

We’re working on bringing new levels of both depth and accessibility to the action game genre, within a studio that’s focused on not just building better games, but building games better.

John Wasilczyk, Improbable Games UK