Improbable Multiplayer Services

Launching autumn 2021

Focus your resources on what matters most to your players

Improbable Multiplayer Services will let you offload development tasks that can get in the way of making original games and great content – like the labour-intensive back-end elements that players rely on but don’t notice. Which means you’ll be free to focus on what you do best and what your players will love.

It’s a new, open and ever-expanding ecosystem of interoperating products and services that optimise the development, operation and evolution of games as a service.

We’ll be launching IMS later this year, and expanding on the existing core features over the coming months.

IMS in action

IMS developed the following solutions specifically for Scavengers:

  • Multi-server networking solution that enables differentiating features like the blended PvP/PvE gameplay.
  • A full-stack solution for creating and running large-scale events in the Scavengers universe.
  • Online services designed for competitive multiplayer and integrated to meet the game’s unique requirements.
  • DevOps services and testing tools to support the development and iteration of a game as a service.
  • Cost-efficient hosting and orchestration that delivers low-latency gameplay to more players in more regions.

Tools, technologies and services dedicated to GaaS

IMS will bring together a range of tools, technologies and specialist multiplayer expertise that studios can employ to make, run and evolve successful games as a service.

Proven solutions tailored to you and your game

We combine our own technologies and expertise with the best from third-party partners, ensuring that the end result slots right in alongside your team, tech stack and title.

Hands-on help and advice from subject-matter experts

Leave the implementation of your custom solution to us. As well as a dedicated account team, you’ll get support throughout your game’s lifecycle from experts across Improbable.

GaaS solutions we’re already providing

As well as the online services, LiveOps and developer tools created to support Scavengers, we’ll be bringing more products and services into the IMS ecosystem from across Improbable and the industry more widely. But don’t forget – we already help a range of studios and publishers overcome some of the most common multiplayer problems.

Game server hosting

Game server hosting and orchestration that provides powerful, low-latency performance through a mix of bare-metal, cloud and private infrastructure.

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Increase your compute budget for more simulation, scale and fidelity, and enable thousands of players to come together in richly detailed, dynamic worlds.

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Technical services

Get tailored solutions engineering and hands-on support and advice, as well as a dependable partner throughout your game’s lifecycle.

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