Multiplayer co‑development

Overcome any multiplayer challenge

Providing our co-development and team augmentation services, The Multiplayer Guys are a development studio that help other studios develop, deliver, iterate and maintain their multiplayer games.

The experts in multiplayer game development

We are the only co-development studio focused exclusively on multiplayer, with an average of over 10 years of multiplayer experience across our 70+ engineers. This means faster and more robust multiplayer development, and fewer surprises because we spot potential problems before they happen.

Proven solutions to the hardest multiplayer problems

Looking for help with distributed physics? Or procedural and semi-procedural open world-generation? How about the infrastructure and tooling needed for running a GaaS? We regularly help our partners overcome these and many other multiplayer challenges.

Seamless integration into your studio

Thanks to our distributed engineering team, we’re able to service clients across Asia, Europe and North America. Wherever you are and whatever your tech stack, we’ll slot right in, adopting your existing workflows and processes.

AAA standards across all disciplines

Our multiplayer specialists are currently working on some of the world’s biggest franchises. They're comfortable with any genre, engine or platform, and between them have unrivalled experience on all aspects of multiplayer development from engineering and art to game design and production.

Service levels

Small teams

Teams tailored to address specific multiplayer problems.

Project-based teams

For studios looking to outsource a specific area of development, such as a new game mode.

Entire development teams

For studios and publishers looking for a full co-development partner.

Long-term partnerships

For studios and publishers looking for flexible support across a number of titles or maintaining their GaaS.

The Multiplayer Guys have been helping us with the heavy lifting on multiplayer networking and last minute assistance on the tech art front

Salvatore Fileccia - Production Director, MediaTonic. Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

What's your multiplayer challenge?