SpatialOS for Unreal 2020.2

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With the 2020.2 update to SpatialOS for Unreal, making innovative, computationally demanding games is now faster and easier.

AI Offload is one of the key features, letting you use a second game server to simulate your NPCs. And with more server-side simulation, there’s less need to compromise your creative vision for the sake of timelines and production risk.

If you want to dive into the details, our blog covers every update, including a new pricing model, previews of Zoned Servers for creating large seamless worlds, and support for both iOS and Android development.

Studio spotlight: Midwinter Entertainment

Developed in close collaboration with the team at Midwinter Entertainment, AI Offload is just one of the elements of SpatialOS that’s enabling the ambitious gameplay in their upcoming title, Scavengers.

Build richer, more populated worlds

By using a secondary game server to simulate AI, your options immediately open up. You can increase the number of NPCs, increase their intelligence, and add more AI factions without trading off player count or other gameplay systems.

Exceed the capabilities of a single game server

To demonstrate how SpatialOS for Unreal performs against native Unreal Engine, we ran more than 50 stress tests. Each time, we varied the number of simulated players and NPCs to see how far we could push the technology before the server frame rate dropped below 20 fps.

With SpatialOS you can support significantly more AI at higher player numbers. In our test gym scenario we observed an increase from 72% more NPCs at 80 players to 101% more NPCs at 140 players.

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Check out our blog to find out what else is new in SpatialOS for Unreal 2020.2, including:

  • Updates to the GDK for Unreal that deliver improved performance
  • A clearer, more flexible pricing model
  • Preview release of Zoned Servers for creating large seamless worlds
  • Preview release of iOS and Android support

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Additional releases

The new SpatialOS 0.11 Game Development Kit (GDK) now provides support for Unreal 4.25. Visit the Unreal GDK Release page to learn more about our latest update.

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