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SpatialOS for Unreal Engine

Our plugin brings the power of SpatialOS to Unreal Engine.

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Native Unreal workflows

Native Unreal workflows

The GDK works with Unreal’s networking API, with UProperties and UFunctions, and you make Blueprints just as you normally would. You can even easily port your in-development project and easily switch between native Unreal and SpatialOS development.

Native Unreal workflows

Playtest immediately

Playtest immediately

Our Starter Projects and Example Projects help you get up and running immediately. Meanwhile, our playtest distribution tools mean you can invite others to play without setting up auth providers, client distribution and IP addresses.

Playtest immediately

Launch ready day-one

Launch ready day-one

Easily create instances all over the globe with just a few CLI commands. We supply profiling, testing and debugging tools, there's no need to build complex tooling, and you need fewer developers to manage your infrastructure.

Launch ready day-one

Iterate faster, develop further

Managed hosting

SpatialOS provides and manages scalable dedicated hosting for your game in every major gaming region, giving you the time to focus on your design.

Production tools

SpatialOS provides production-ready log, metrics and inspection tools, to help you quickly understand any bugs or issues.

Playtesting tools

Deploy and playtest your game from the start of your project, and distribute it to your studio and players with just a link.

Unreal integration

The GDK works with Unreal’s Blueprints and networking API, with UProperties and UFunctions. You can even port your in-development project.

Get a head start

Example Projects

The GDK Example Project is a session-based first-person shooter project built with the GDK. It’s a great starting point to try out the GDK and see what SpatialOS provides, with a project more asset- and gameplay-rich than previous GDK sample projects. You can deploy the Example Project to the cloud and invite your friends to a team deathmatch in around an hour.

The Example Project in action.
Painless porting

Easily move your game to SpatialOS

With the Game Development Kit for Unreal, porting can be done in a few days. You can easily switch between SpatialOS networking and Unreal networking, and so enjoy a low-risk way to experiment. Use our Shooter Game example as a guide to port your own Unreal Project. 

Use SpatialOS inside Unreal Engine

What will you build?

With SpatialOS and Unreal Engine, you can build any kind of online experience from large persistence worlds to small, match-based experiences. Here are a few games that developers have been inspired to build.

Sign up for the SpatialOS GDK for Unreal

You can download the SpatialOS GDK for Unreal and begin prototyping today, for free.
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Use cases

Use cases

Create anything from frenetic shooters to rich, complex RPGs and strategy games.



Build any game, with any engine on any platform. Ship it faster and innovate more easily.