Action games with SpatialOS

Create richer, high-fidelity gameplay like bigger battles and more dynamic combat, mixing PvP and PvE content to drive unique player experiences.

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Key features

Enabling action games

We handle the major backend challenges, which means you're free to explore new game design and focus on creating the best experience for your players.

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Managed Networking with SpatialOS

Efficient networking

Performant, secure networking for your game. Designed from the ground up for high tick rate, real-time games. You focus on gameplay, not netcode.

Global hosting with SpatialOS

Global hosting

Hosting locations in all major gaming regions, enabling you to host near your players and provide the low latency gameplay needed for high fidelity action games.

Seamless multiserver with SpatialOS

Seamless multiserver

SpatialOS allows you to combine multiple dedicated servers on the backend, allowing for gameplay possibilities beyond traditional dedicated server games.

Design opportunities

Unlock innovative gameplay

Nostos social hub

Social hubs

Add persistent social areas to your game where thousands of players can meet up, make friends, show off and - of course - fight. These can be mixed with match-based gameplay.

Discover denser battles with SpatialOS

Denser battles

SpatialOS provides an advanced area-of-interest system that enables battles with more players than is possible with standard multiplayer networking.

Nostos dynamic maps

Dynamic maps

With extra compute from multiple servers, you can add more dynamic elements to your maps such as destruction and fire so each session feels different.

Discover PvPvE with SpatialOS


With multiple game engines working together, you can exceed traditional player and NPC limits. This allows for large battle experiences with many players and NPCs in the same map.

Partner game

Scavengers by Midwinter

Scavengers by Midwinter Entertainment brings the excitement and unpredictability of class-based team-building to its unique blend of PvP and PvE gameplay.

Game modes

Greater flexibility

Small match-based

Small match-based with SpatialOS

We support traditional, smaller match-based games for four to a hundred players in a single instance.

Large match-based

Large match-based with SpatialOS

We also support larger single-instance, match-based games for a hundred to a thousand players.

Persistent world

Persistent worlds with SpatialOS

You can even create large persistent game worlds where tens of thousands of players can change the world around them permanently.

Cross-platform play

Pick any platform

SpatialOS works across any platform. You can even combine multiple platforms across a single game to have players playing across different devices.



Xbox One




Game Development Kits

Use any game engine

The GDK for Unity gives you a head start on common challenges. The FPS Starter Project, for example, has solutions to movement, shooting, transforms and health.

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The integration with Unreal has native-feeling workflows so you can use SpatialOS with all the Unreal Engine’s networking APIs. Plus you can port an existing Unreal project in just a few steps.

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We’ve got SDKs in various languages as well as various support channels that help you integrate whichever engine you want to use.

Technical FAQs

Your questions answered

Yes - but only a few milliseconds. All your network data passes through the SpatialOS Runtime, gets stored our in-memory database and is then sent where it needs to go. We designed this to allow for high throughput with low-latency games.

SpatialOS includes a highly configurable, dynamic area-of-interest system. This allows you to tightly control which players see what at variable frequencies, and to degrade gracefully and intelligently when high-density battles break out.

SpatialOS ensures there is an overlap boundary between any adjacent servers. This allows raycasts to hit players that may be on an adjacent server. SpatialOS also enables cross-server RPCs so you can communicate between servers.

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Give players greater agency in more dynamic worlds, and providing more opportunities for joint discovery and adventure in deeply social experiences.



Whatever stage you're at with SpatialOS, you can search our docs for tutorials and solutions to all sorts of challenges.