We create and power virtual worlds

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Improbable delivers tech and expertise to power rich interactive environments that transform cultures and industries and help us understand the world’s complexity

We power the coming age of virtual worlds

Virtual worlds have a profound impact on the real world. Online multiplayer games captivate billions. Rich interactive environments transform social events and workplaces alike. Simulations of unparalleled scale, depth and efficiency make it so decision-makers can solve our most critical challenges.

We are dedicated to realising this reality through delivering the technology, infrastructure, applications and expertise that will lay the foundations for the worlds – virtual and real – of tomorrow.

There are worlds you can build right here, right now, that can transform people’s lives.

Herman Narula, founder and CEO

Improbable brands

Games Tech

Improbable Multiplayer Services (IMS)

Trusted by studios making some of the biggest and most innovative GaaS multiplayer games, IMS is a new, open, ever-expanding ecosystem of interoperating products, services and expertise. By offloading tasks that impede making great games, you can focus on what you do best.

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The Multiplayer Guys

Today, more than ever, multiplayer games are the best way to provide years of entertainment to players. The Multiplayer Guys have a combined industry experience in excess of 1000 years, having cut their teeth on the most high-profile multiplayer games around. They supply this expertise to partners, becoming part of your team and solving problems related to engineering, art, design and QA.

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Games Content

Games studios

Improbable was founded to break through the limits of contemporary online multiplayer gaming, building technology that would truly unlock the medium’s potential. Our internal game studios unite leaders and innovators behind some of the decade’s most groundbreaking games with the technology to build the rich and pioneering multiplayer worlds of the future.

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Improbable Defence

By combining our innovative technology for games and digital entertainment with computational modelling, AI and data analytics, Improbable Defence delivers cutting-edge synthetic environments of huge scale and complexity. These simulations enhance defence, security and national resilience through users exploring complex security threats in a virtual world – before taking action in the real one.

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