We are metaverse venture builders.

We empower brands to venture beyond the conventional. We design, build, operate and service metaverse experiences and entire worlds that not only push the boundaries, but also offer unparalleled user experiences, creating new business opportunities and revenues in the metaverse.

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Logo msquared

MSquared is an ecosystem of interoperable metaverses, uniting a community of builders, businesses and users by enabling mass scale virtual experiences connected through a shared digital asset economy, creating a network of interlinked worlds that is greater than the sum of its parts.

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M Squared
Eidson logo

Edison creates massive multiplayer experiences that blend aspects of games and live streams. They tap into internet culture, memes and online communities while bringing audiences into the action, resulting in engaging playable content in the metaverse.

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Kosmopop logo

KosmoPop brings K-pop fans together to connect, celebrate their idols, and experience spectacular events, such as group meet and greets, metaverse concerts and listening parties. It also gives K-pop artists a powerful platform to reach and engage with a global audience like never before.

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Logo victory league

Victory League is a project dedicated to revolutionising fan engagement. The project aims to create a dynamic, immersive environment for modern sports fans who like to engage with their favourite sports brands or icons on social media or via streaming services. Welcome to the future of sports fandom.

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Project Victory League
Jitter logo

Jitter provides new forms of audience engagement and monetisation for Twitch streamers. Our fully moddable playgrounds let hosts play fully interactive mini-games with all of their viewers, who can take part directly in the metaverse or by directing the action via Twitch chat integration.

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Logo improbable labs

Improbable Labs is our sandbox to discover new formats, events and use cases that trigger engagement and excitement for a community of enthusiasts eager to explore the metaverse.

Some of our experiments become ventures thanks to the opportunities that Improbable Labs provides for quick testing and validation from the community.

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IO Labs Chasing Alpha
EI temporarylogo

Enterprise Insights helps businesses drive sustainable growth through the use of advanced digital simulations. Our virtual environments simulate and interact in real-time with the physical world to explore scenarios and make better decisions.

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Enterprise Insights

Previous Ventures

Inflexion Games Nightingale

Inflexion Studios

Inflexion Studios was founded within Improbable in 2018 by Aaryn Flynn, alongside a number of ex-BioWare developers. In 2022, Inflexion Games was acquired by global gaming brand Tencent. Their upcoming project, Nightingale, is set for release in Feb 2024.
Midwinter Entertainment

Midwinter Entertainment

Midwinter Entertainment, known for their work on several genre-defining games, was acquired early 2023 by Canada's largest independent video game studio, Behaviour Interactive.
The Multiplayer Group

The Multiplayer Group

Game service business MPG works with top studios on AAA titles and the trickiest full physics-based multiplayer action around. Under Improbable tenure, it thrived on a sustainable, profitable business model and grew its workforce 6x. In December 2023, Improbable sold MPG to Keyword Studios.
Improbable Defence

Improbable Defence

Started in 2018, Improbable Defence delivered mission-focused software and services aimed at transforming the national security of our nations and allies through its core product, Skyral. In June 2023, NOIA Capital and investors acquired the business.