Since inception, Improbable has pushed the boundaries of what is possible in digital environments.

We're at the forefront of innovation. Our approach prioritizes practicality and working backwards from results, embracing a prototype-driven, hands-on culture over elaborate designs. It's a scrappy, agile, internal startup ethos that propels our progress.

Internal disruption drives us forward, as we thrive on metaverse challenges to learn and grow. Our vast platform's construction requires collaboration with partners and our contribution to shaping industry standards.

Our commitment to innovation includes giving back through open source and interoperability. Our "open core" philosophy invites all to expand upon our foundation. We're dedicated to actively contributing to the open source community, collectively shaping the tech future.


Morpheus reimagines multiplayer games technology from the ground up for high density, high scale metaverse experiences supporting tens of thousands of participants who can see, hear, and interact with one another in real time.

  • Networking
    Leveraging machine learning and distributed computing advances to send billions of highly compressed updates per second with no loss of fidelity and latency compared to traditional action games.
  • Rendering
    Leveraging massively parallel GPU compute approaches to allow every participant to be uniquely animated and uniquely visualised in a dense crowd.
  • Audio
    Leveraging high performance signal processing to have every participant hear every other, all with full occlusion, air absorption, and spatialization.
Morpheus high density worlds

Open Source and Open Standards

Improbable believes in open and interoperable metaverse experiences, and has founded key technologies and standards towards this goal.

  • Metaverse Markup Language

    Initiated by Improbable, MML is an independent, open-source, web-based language and toolchain for defining cross-metaverse objects. It defines the visuals and behaviours of an object based on the familiar HTML and Javascript.
    Find out more about MML
  • Thanos

    Thanos is an open source, highly available Prometheus setup with long term storage capabilities. Originally founded by Improbable in 2018.
    Find out more about Thanos
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