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We are metaverse venture builders

We initiate and develop new businesses powered by our technologies to make the metaverse a useful reality through entertainment, social and enterprise applications and use cases.

Metaverse Ventures

We are the metaverse technology company

Improbable leverages gaming expertise, blockchain and AI to develop breakthrough metaverse technologies

Metaverse Technology

We are metaverse developers

We design, build, operate and service metaversal experiences and entire worlds for brands, helping them drive new business and revenue.

Metaverse Developers

Our latest projects

Project MLB

MLB’s Virtual Ballpark: Where real meets virtual!

Launched in July 2023 with a celebrity all-stars game, the Virtual Ballpark hosted its first regular season game in the metaverse in September. Offering industry-leading scale, bandwidth, and rendering, with easy one-click access via cloud streaming. Visitors can engage with live chat, scavenger hunts, and 3D action synced with live streams for an immersive experience and to join the future of baseball now.
Cityshots air

Edison ‘Cityshots’: A slam dunk in the metaverse

Our latest massive multiplayer Edison experience, blending aspects of gaming, live streams and cutting-edge tech, was a week-long basketball free-for-all in Edison City. This followed other fire events, including ‘Space Race’ – zero-g time trials in a universe of dazzling abstract digital art – and gingerbread housebuilding showdown ‘Snowcrush’.

Kosmopop twice event

KosmoPop: a K-pop metaverse celebration

Debuting in February 2024, KosmoPop brings K-pop fans together to connect with their idols and experience spectacular events, along with helping artists to quickly reach and engage a global audience. Our first event celebrated Twice’s new EP, With You-th – a five-day build-up of streaming and chat that culminated in a metaverse party full of singing, dancing and virtual glowstick oceans.

VL newthumb

Victory League ‘Clash of Fans’ – double the fun!

In October 2023, Victory League teamed up with Global Fan Network for two exciting virtual events. Fans took on wild challenges, from wrangling mascots to interactive quizzes. This followed the epic August 2023 ‘Game4Ukraine’ watch party, with exclusive commentary, celebrity matches, and support for school rebuilding in Ukraine.

Dawkins ice breaker

Improbable Labs: Experimental multiplayer metaverse thrills

The latest Improbable Labs experiments unleashed exciting new game modes, to gauge their appeal with streamers and players. ‘Ice Breaker’ offered a tense elimination battle, with players cocooned in floating bubbles. The frenzied ‘Power Up’ had teams use special abilities to gather power cells and defend bases. And ‘Bulldome’ was a metaversal twist on British Bulldog. Constant twists and rule changes added to the excitement, with streamers and players alike revelling in the thrilling multiplayer chaos.

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