Focus on the magic: how we found the freedom to create Scavengers

13 May 2021

As Scavengers launches, Josh Holmes, CEO and co-founder of Midwinter Entertainment, tells how his studio built the ambitious PvEvP shooter in partnership with Improbable, a union that evolved beyond SpatialOS to create Improbable Multiplayer Services (IMS).

Multiplayer Hub: Expanding the Scavengers Lobby to 100k CCU

26 July 2021

Testing is a critical part of the development cycle, but it can also be an opportunity to create and refine processes within your time. Learn more about our testing workflow and how we expanded the Scavengers lobby to 100k CCU

How to mitigate launch uncertainty with game server orchestration

19 July 2021

Launches are stressful. Years of work culminate in a moment of truth: will players like your game? Will they keep coming back for more? With all this uncertainty already in the air, you need your backend tech to just work.

Multiplayer Hub: How Scavengers powered up testing with simulated players

19 July 2021

Simulated players is a powerful tool that can be used in several tests in your games. In this presentation, Teri Drummond of our Partner Engineering team shows how simulated players were used in the development of Scavengers.

Gaining observability over multiplayer games

30 June 2021

Boost your launch confidence by finding out how you can make the most of every new opportunity that arises during game development.

How experimenting with scale and simulation helped Midwinter Entertainment find the fun with Scavengers

28 June 2021

Find out how Midwinter Entertainment put a spin on the action shooter by creating a large, AI-heavy dynamic world

Avoid the mounting costs of multiplayer games with hybrid cloud

15 June 2021

There's a good reason studios develop multiplayer games. Apart from the creative challenge of real-time action, they're profitable. But how do you keep operating costs down with unpredictable performance? We speak to Manuel Karg, CEO & Founder of zeuz to find out.

How Scavengers is launching across multiple platforms and stores with cross-play

14 June 2021

Find out why partnering up allows Midwinter Entertainment to capture a wider target audience and improve player experience, while staying laser-focused on finding the fun.

Intimacy at scale: Building an architecture for density

2 June 2021

Following our recent massive interactive live event (MILE), Rob Whitehead, Improbable Co-founder and Chief Product Officer, talks about the architecture behind ScavLab, an experimental sandbox used to create and test high-density experiences for games.

Improbable and Midwinter Entertainment Bring More Than 4000 Scavengers Players Together in a Single Game World

1 June 2021

Virtual world technology company helps its US game studio to host thousands of players simultaneously in ScavLab, in an experimental, large-scale public event

Finding the fun: How Midwinter Entertainment improved Scavengers gameplay with rigorous testing

27 May 2021

Discover how a tactical collaboration empowered Midwinter Entertainment to focus on what they do best.