Improbable runs a programme of independent research to progress the discussion about the metaverse


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Many aspects of the metaverse are still being defined. Even with our experience building virtual worlds over the past ten years, we understand no single group has all the answers. That’s why we’re gathering experts from a range of backgrounds to explore difficult issues together.

We have engaged a variety of research institutes, experts and consultancies to develop a series of independent research reports. It aims to rally academic, business and political partners around a conversation on the metaverse, participate in fostering and augmenting this discussion, and address important issues.

The 2022 programme of research is intended as an exploration into the markets leaning into the metaverse, from an independent perspective, including industry-specific examples of existing metaverse experiences, market and monetisation opportunities and where brands are likely to find success in the future.

The first reports were produced by Enders Analysis, a renowned research service with a special focus on new technologies and media. They begin with an introductory ‘welcome’ report to align everyone on a working definition for the metaverse.

Use the links below to read each piece:

Welcome to the metaverse

Music in the metaverse

Advertising in the metaverse

Coming soon

Regulation in the metaverse

A view on NFTs as a new form of art

Sports in the metaverse

Entertainment in the metaverse

Games in the metaverse

The economics of the metaverse

We hope you will find these reports interesting. Please let us know what you think via our social media channels on Twitter and LinkedIn, where the content pieces will be promoted. We’d also like to warmly thank our partners and the research institutes and consultancies who helped develop these reports.

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