Edison: the story so far – shaking up gaming with Massively Multiplayer Events


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Edison Massively Multiplayer Games (MMEs) aren’t your typical games. They bring hundreds of players together for epic, fast-paced, experimental experiences, where the crowd itself becomes a driving force.

They are a wild mix of game, live stream and internet culture, fuelled by the energy of top web creators and personalities. Edison MMEs not only enrich communities but also serve as launchpads for live, playable content and NFT collections.

More engaging than a Twitch stream and more social than traditional games, Edison events grab the attention and provide a concentrated, playable blast of gameplay like nothing else.

Ready to see what the buzz is about? Check out these MMEs that have dropped so far:

Edison forgotten runes 16 9

Forgotten Runes – Night Run (Halloween 2023)

Everyone got spooky in this fantasy realm crawling with monstrous mazes and deadly traps. 500 players battled their way to a photo finish at the coveted Golden Pumpkin, with epic hosts adding to the chaos.

Edison jump 16 9

Jump (November 2023)

This wild mix of endless runner and gameshow had nearly 100 adrenaline-fuelled players leaping for cash prizes. Hosts threw banter as the track evolved (sometimes dropping contestants into the void). And our in-world currency, collectable ‘Eddies’, made its debut.

Edison snowcrush

Snowcrush (December 2023)

The most chill Edison event had everyone flex creative muscle in a social blocky gingerbread housebuilding showdown. Our GenAI tech powered the wintry wonderland, and vending machines loaded with special blocks gave Eddies real purpose for the first time.

Edison hotshots in game

Hotshots (February 2024)

A slam dunk in the metaverse, this multiplayer basketball brawl took the game to a whole new level – or should we say levels? 140 players across two teams battled it out on a bizarre court loaded with hoops, obstacles and jump pads, rallied by cheering hosts and the chance to win insane loot.

Edison npc snatchers

NPC Snatchers (March 2024)

In the brand-new Edison City, players herded NPCs to UFOs for a spot of abduction. Vending machines dispensed swag, and the host’s stories of sketchy aliens added mystery. Tight time limits and the ability to steal NPCs from rivals cranked up the mayhem to eleven.

Edison space race web

Space Race (June 2024)

Surrounded by gorgeous digital art courtesy of LVCIDIA, players had a week to top the leaderboards across a series of 3D platforming and zero-g time trials. Our most visually stunning experience to date – and a big step on the road to always-on Edison games.

As you can see, every Edison MME is unique, with its own distinct vibe. And each one only took weeks to build – not the years traditional games tend to require. This lets us move fast, break the mould and experiment like crazy to find what really works.

So get ready for a whole lot more over the coming months, including fresh new formats and returning fan favourites. Don’t miss out: follow Eddie on X, join the Edison Discord, and keep your eyes peeled on the Edison website. It’s gonna be lit!