Game changer: how Edison’s fast, experimental ‘gamevents’ shake up social play


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Edison snowcrush with logo

We’re shaking up gaming with Edison. Our collab with @BoredElonMusk recently hosted three ‘gamevents’ – one-shot metaverse experiences where internet celebs and audiences gather en masse to play, celebrate, create and socialise.

‘Forgotten Runes’ saw hundreds of gamers navigate a perilous maze in a race to a golden pumpkin. ‘Jump’ was a wild mix of endless runner and gameshow, with competitors chasing glory and cash prizes. And the wintry ‘Snowcrush’ had players build huge gingerbread houses from giant blocks.

These events demonstrate how Edison can create novel social game experiences that give people something new. Their time-limited nature concentrates attention and unites people for intense competitive sessions. And they’re experimental and distinctive, allowing us to swiftly test and refine ideas with our partners.

So what’s next? Improbable co-founder Rob Whitehead said it best: “These were incredible events, with cutting-edge tech. We’ll be creating many more this year, with a variety of creators.