Improbable and M² launch The Metaverse Society, a think tank dedicated to exploring the social and economic implications of the metaverse


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The Metaverse Society wants to bring together industry and thought leaders to advance education and collaboration for the future of an open, decentralised, culturally and economically enriching metaverse.

London and Brussels – 24 May 2023

After a year of hype followed by subsequent doubts, the metaverse continues to be shrouded in misconceptions. Current use cases often fall a bit short of meaningful and relevant experiences, while concerns and risks associated with metaverse applications require a solid business case and a dedicated platform to facilitate fair, balanced and informed debates among various stakeholders.

Herman Narula, founder and CEO of Improbable, emphasised the importance of the metaverse’s potential: “We want to contribute to ensuring the metaverse holds its promise of being a network of meaning that unlocks creativity, social interaction and economic opportunities, free from gatekeepers. The convergence of AI, metaverse and blockchain technologies offers a unique moment to shape a space where communities, content developers and brands can reimagine engagement, loyalty and culture. We need to bring together key players and address the misconceptions around the metaverse.”

Improbable and M² will start their involvement by bringing to The Metaverse Society their existing portfolio of research, commissioned over the past year. This includes pieces exploring the potential of the metaverse for certain sectors, such as music, entertainment, advertising, gaming and sports, and also a first research piece about how regulation for immersive environments might take shape in the European Union.

As The Metaverse Society evolves into a knowledge hub, it welcomes visionaries, academics and industry leaders to join its ranks. A detailed program of activities will be presented during a webinar at the end of June.

For more information on The Metaverse Society and how to get involved, please contact us.

About Improbable

Improbable is a metaverse technology company that has been at the forefront of building virtual worlds for over a decade, for gaming and entertainment companies or public institutions. We believe that the metaverse is an opportunity for communities to connect and exchange at a larger scale, and can have a positive social, economic and political impact in the real world.

About MSquared (M²)

M² is a network of metaverses, connecting together brands and businesses within a single interoperable ecosystem, powered by a set of technologies and services, enabling a cross-world economy and bringing spectacular social experiences to life at unprecedented scale.

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