Improbable technology powers a historic achievement for metaverse development


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For Yuga Labs’ Otherside, Improbable and M² power an unforgettable 2nd trip; Improbable also live tested its new MML language to create interoperable virtual objects in an impromptu experienc

London, 12 April, 2023
Improbable, the British metaverse technology company, successfully powered a historic 2nd Trip tech demo for Yuga Labs)’ Otherside] on 25 March, hosting a record breaking over 7,200 concurrent users, the largest crowd of players in a virtual world. Then, on 2 April, Improbable hosted an impromptu demo of its new MML (Metaverse Markup Language), a new metaverse language that allows users to create objects and environments with unprecedented ease.

"These are important milestones on our journey to create the right apps and services enabling a network of interoperable metaverses", said Herman Narula, CEO of Improbable.

Otherside is Yuga Labs' gamified, metaRPG universe that is currently under development. The size of the crowd of players gathered wasn’t the only technical milestone achieved. Improbable’s M² network’s cross-metaverse services allowed thousands of users to travel rapidly between many different worlds without performance degradation or lag and the ability to customise crowd characters with hundreds of possibilities and beautiful designs. Additionally, a “Warm wallet'' was introduced to increase security and protect users’ digital assets. These advancements contributed to outstanding player engagement, with participants using their microphones more than 80,000 times over the course of the experience to communicate and engage with each other.

On 2 April, Improbable followed up by hosting an impromptu demo of its new MML (Metaverse Markup Language) in a tech space made by Improbable for the M² network. Similar to how HTML and JavaScript defines the visualisation and behaviour for web pages across many devices and platforms, MML defines visualisation and behaviour for interoperable metaverse objects, making it easy to create objects or environments that can be simultaneously used from any web browser, game engine, or metaverse environment.

Everything in the demo was conceived and built over the weekend by three individuals, including Improbable CEO Herman Narula and CPO Rob Whitehead to test the power of the new MML within the M² network. After playing with the software, the founders plugged it to AI tools such as Dall-e and ChatGPT to further create fun forms in an instant, objects that have the ability to go between different worlds and experiences within the M² network.

About Improbable

Improbable is a British metaverse technology company that has been at the forefront of building virtual worlds for over a decade, for gaming and entertainment companies or public institutions. We believe that the metaverse is an opportunity for communities to connect and exchange at a larger scale, and can have a positive social, economic and political impact in the real world.