Join Improbable town halls and educational formats – live in the metaverse!


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The metaverse is bursting with potential, but we need more pioneers to explore its possibilities across different contexts, and discover all the new ways you can interact in virtual worlds.

That’s why we opened up our town halls to the public earlier this year. We’ve long hosted them in the metaverse, but wanted to allow anyone to glimpse what the future of company gatherings could look like. And we’ve initiated new formats too, such as Professor Rob’s ‘How to metaverse’, a series demoing our metaverse tech to an audience of content creators inside the metaverse.

Intrigued? Here’s what’s in store should you be interested in joining us:

New formats to try: Our town halls bring people together for natural, engaging interactions and fresh experiences in custom-built, dynamic environments. And Prof. Rob’s sessions showcase our tech in action and provide insight into how it’s created. All of which is so much more enjoyable and compelling than any Zoom call. 

Unbound discussions: We’ve hosted experts in web3, gaming, blockchain and spatial computing, for stimulating talks that shape the future of the metaverse. And that’s just the beginning – we have much more to unpack in the coming months, exploring what the metaverse means for us all.

Open invitations: Everyone is welcome! Keep an eye on our LinkedIn for upcoming town hall invites and be a part of this exciting journey.