M² Supports Virtual Society Foundation to accelerate interoperability and composability of an open metaverse


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M², the ecosystem of technologies, services, and standards powering a network of interconnected metaverses, is proud to announce its support for the launch of the Virtual Society Foundation (VSF).

This independent organization shares Improbable’s and M²'s vision of an open and unified metaverse and will be dedicated to developing an L1 blockchain specifically designed for the metaverse, alongside a suite of omnichain protocols that will ensure seamless interoperability between different metaverse experiences.

M² provided an initial funding, and will act as an early adopter and key partner of the VSF, helping test and implement the Foundation's open-source tools and services on its network. This collaboration between Improbable, M² and the Virtual Society Foundation signifies a major step towards realizing a truly interoperable and user-friendly metaverse experience for everyone.

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