KosmoPop brings K-pop fans together for a celebratory party of dancing, singing and glowsticks


2 minutes


Kosmopop twice event

KosmoPop is a thriving space for K-pop fans to connect, celebrate their idols and experience spectacular events. It also gives artists a powerful platform to reach and engage a global audience.

The debut event celebrated Twice’s new EP – and gave fans a reason to get invested early. For five days, they could chat on the KosmoPop website, while streaming a KosmoPop Twice playlist from their own music accounts to help push With You-th up the charts. 

This culminated in a metaverse party, where hundreds of fans could meet, hang out at band member shrines, and grab exclusive free merch for their avatars from vending machines. Spatial Audio tech also meant every fan could unite with the crowd and sing along to Twice’s songs, while dancing the night away as part of a metaverse glowstick ocean.

An ambitious project created in just eight weeks, it recorded an average playtime of 27.9 minutes – which means most people stayed for the entire party. And Twice hit number one on Apple Music’s charts, in part driven by the KosmoPop streams, demonstrating how such events can impact artist success.

Our partner was happy, and fan feedback was incredible. One called the event a mix of Stationhead’s listening party elements and Roblox’s interactivity – exactly what was envisioned. Next up: more events but also exploring small-scale user-driven listening parties and a K-pop nightclub – all designed to create major ongoing engagement and retention to keep the party going.