Scale doesn’t prevent intimacy


3 minutes


This weekend, hundreds of fans hung out with soccer sensation Alex Zinchenko in the metaverse, during Improbable’s latest demo event.

The Ukraine international kicked things off by sharing his remarkable journey to Arsenal. It was endearing to hear him tell his story in what felt like an intimate setting.

Following this, fans took part in a lively quiz, where they sped across the virtual space to ‘answer zones’, and were later invited to approach the stage to ask Alex questions. The event wrapped with a dance party.

The unique setting provided something far removed from anything those present had experienced in the real world. The format showed affinity for Alex across the varied communities present. And the event showed that even at scale, the metaverse does not compromise on intimacy.

Instead, the metaverse marries the best of physical events – the crowd’s energy, shared moments, forging personal memories with those around you – and gives it scale. This affords unprecedented opportunities for people to intimately connect across the globe – and with their idols, in a manner that was once the stuff of dreams.